Food & Beverage – Host / Hostess at Rotana Hotels & Resorts

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Food & Beverage – Host / Hostess at Rotana Hotels & Resorts

Food & Beverage – Host / Hostess at Rotana Hotels & Resorts
Food & Beverage – Host / Hostess at Rotana Hotels & Resorts

Job Description: Food and Beverage Department Team Member

Position: Food and Beverage Department Team Member
Location: [Specify location]
Department: Food and Beverage
Reports To: [Specify supervisor/manager]

Education, Qualifications & Experiences:

  • A degree in hospitality is preferred.
  • Previous experience in the Food and Beverage Department within a hotel is highly desirable.
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills are essential.
  • Proficiency in an additional language is a plus.
  • Strong interpersonal and problem-solving abilities are required.
  • Computer literacy is expected.
  • Previous experience with Opera (hospitality management software) is advantageous.

Knowledge & Competencies:

The ideal candidate for this position will possess the following knowledge and competencies:

  1. Understanding the Job: You should have a clear understanding of your role and responsibilities within the Food and Beverage Department. Familiarity with standard operating procedures and hotel policies is essential.
  2. Taking Responsibility: Demonstrate a proactive approach to your duties and take ownership of tasks. Be accountable for the quality of service you provide to guests.
  3. Recognizing Differences: Embrace diversity and treat all guests and team members with respect and courtesy, regardless of their backgrounds and preferences.
  4. Customer Focus: Prioritize guest satisfaction and go above and beyond to exceed their expectations. Anticipate their needs and provide exceptional service.
  5. Adaptability: Be flexible and adaptable in a fast-paced environment. Willingness to learn and adapt to changing circumstances is key.
  6. Teamwork: Collaborate effectively with your colleagues, both within the department and across different teams. Foster a harmonious work environment and support one another.

Personal Attributes:

  • Customer-driven: Your primary focus should be on ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of our guests.
  • Proactive and ‘switched on’: Be attentive, quick to respond, and ready to take initiative to enhance guest experiences.
  • Outgoing and charismatic: Your friendly and approachable demeanor should make guests feel welcomed and comfortable.
  • Work well under pressure: Handle busy periods with grace and maintain a positive attitude.
  • Multi-cultural teamwork: Thrive in a diverse and multi-cultural work environment, valuing and respecting differences among team members and guests.

If you meet these qualifications and possess the required competencies, we encourage you to apply for the Food and Beverage Department Team Member position. We look forward to welcoming you to our team and providing opportunities for growth and development in the hospitality industry.

Please submit your application and resume in English.


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